Hillsborough County Farm Bureau

Ornamental plants account for $204,182,427 in annual sales for Hillsborough County

Benefits of Agriculture

Hillsborough County Farm Bureau Federation
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When you join the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau Federation, you become a member of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation, the “Voice of Agriculture.” Farm Bureau Federation represents its members on the local, state and national level. A grassroots organization that gets the job done!

What does Hillsborough County Farm Bureau Federation do for the Agriculture industry?

Hillsborough County Farm Bureau Federation works as the ears and eyes on behalf of agriculturist across the county. Making sure local laws and regulations created take your best interests into consideration.

Active participation on the Hillsborough County AEDC (Agriculture Economic Development Council) – major goals are:

  1. Discourage the premature conversion of productive farmland to non-agricultural use.
  2. Minimize the impact of the regulatory process on agricultures’ ability to conduct business, while still achieving the goals of those regulations.
  3. Improve the economic sustainability of agriculture in Hillsborough County through increased marketing options, alternative crops, value-added processing, capital financing opportunities, and identification of barriers to the expansion or sustainability of agriculture.
  4. Promote the expansion and relocation of agribusiness firms to Hillsborough County.

Political Action Committee provides a link to the county and state delegation during election years.

IFASWorking with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Extension Office locally to benefit Hillsborough County Agriculture

Through Florida Farm Bureau Federation, receive e-mail Alerts of legislation and issues that effect Agriculture. Provides an easy way to contact your legislators on issues and let them know your concerns. Click here to sign up

Farm Bureau Day – Tallahassee, FL – Each year Florida Farm Bureau Federation provides an opportunity for County members to attend a legislative briefing dinner, visit legislators the following day in their offices and attend a Gala Legislative Reception to meet with legislators in a more informal setting.

Field To The HillField to the Hill – An opportunity for Florida Farm Bureau Federation members to travel to Washington DC to meet with their elected officials and support our policies. You will meet with senators and representatives and federal officials whose decisions influence and affect agriculture.


Food Check Out Day in February – Celebrates safe, affordable and abundant food, due in large part to the efficiency of America’s farmers and ranchers. It takes just five weeks for the average American to earn enough disposable income to pay for his/her family’s food supply for the entire year.