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Accomplishments 2013-2014

  • Ag-Venture at the State Fair was a huge hit again this year with over 10,000 visitors to the Farm Bureau/State Fair Ag-Venture hands-on exhibit. In this venue fair goers are invited to participate in such activities as: learn about NPK and the importance of fertilizer, milk our milk able cow and make butter, and plant a radish seed necklace, visit our “germ City” and see just how good you wash (or don’t wash) you hands. There were over 3,000 volunteer hours worked on this project.
  • Farm Bureau members are always ready to assist FFA members on projects. In the past year you have judged numerous FFA competitions throughout the county. From Parliamentary Procedure to Tractor Driving, our membership has been involved.
  • Neighborhood Youth Competition at the Strawberry Festival, is an opportunity for young people to show off and be rewarded for the crafts, sewing and baking that they are so proud of. There were over 400 entries this year, with about 69 volunteer hours.
  • HCFB again this year participated in Ag Literacy Day. This is a day set aside by FAITC (Florida Ag in the Classroom) to have volunteers in schools reading a pre selected book about agriculture and talking to students about where their food comes from. HCFB had 11 people in classrooms for a total of 28 volunteer hours.
  • Farm Bureau Day in Tallahassee is always an exciting event. This past March HCFB had 10 people travel to Tallahassee to visit legislators from our area. Farm Bureau members held meetings with numerous House and Senate members, as well as Commissioner Putnam. Farm Bureau members spent 2 days in Tallahassee on their own time.       Volunteer hours 528.
  • April is also the time that we hold Ag-Venture. The event in April is the smaller of the Ag-Venture’s. We had approximately 1200 3rd grade students through the program over a 2-week period. Volunteer hours 1,200.
  • Ag-Abilities is a program designed for to test ESE students on horticulture and nutrition curriculum.       This year we had 125 students involved with 130 volunteer hours.
  • October is the second of the Ag-Venture programs. Ag-Venture is in full swing with 20 hands-on stations all representing agriculture in Hillsborough County. There were approximately 4200 3rd graders involved in the program, which ran for 8 days. Volunteer hours on this project – 1,600.
  • With 2014 being an election year, your board served on numerous election campaigns and met with numerous candidates for interviews during the year.
  • Monthly board meetings consume 290+ volunteer hours!

Total recorded volunteer hours for 2013- 2014 – 6,880