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Hillsborough County Young Farmers and Ranchers

The Young Farmers and Ranchers Program is available for any Farm Bureau Federation member between the ages of 18 – 35.      

This program helps improve communication and leadership skills, provides opportunities to become more active members, to use their talents to strengthen the organization and an opportunity to meet peers with similar interests and concerns. Ultimately this program develops future leaders of Farm Bureau Federation.

Locally, the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers and Ranchers try to meet once a month to fellowship and discuss any concerns or upcoming projects. This is also a great place to meet new people and network.

Here are some of the programs and events we participate in…

Florida Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Leadership Conference – This is a statewide event held every year in July. All Farm Bureau members between the ages of 18 and 35 years old are welcome to attend. There are various workshops at each conference, which help prepare Young Farmers and Ranchers to become leaders. A sample of workshops held at previous conferences include: personal improvement, communication skills, AG in the Classroom, Estate Planning, Immigration, Time Management, AG Under Attack, Motivational Speakers and more.

 Taste of Florida Agriculture Breakfast This is held during the State Fair by the Agriculture Community the Florida State Fair and the Chamber of Commerce and encourages city, county and state officials to come enjoy some of Florida’s fresh food and speak with the Agriculture community. The Young Farmers & Ranchers cooked omelets for all attendees.

Farm Bureau Day in Tallahassee, every Farm Bureau member is encouraged go to our state capital and talk to our legislators about issues that are important to us. This is a day set aside for all Farm Bureau members throughout the state to come together and be the voice of Agriculture. There is a Farm Bureau dinner held the night before where we go through the main topics and a Reception for the Legislators that evening, where we can talk with them in a more informal setting.

Farm Tours We try to have at least one or two farm tours each year, throughout Hillsborough County and the State of Florida. These tours are to educate Farm Bureau members on the different types of Agriculture in our county and state.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 4.58.35 PMFlorida Ag Expo This event is for Florida vegetable growers to listen to the latest information on new production trends and techniques, sample new varieties and see new field trails. There are over 60 industry supplies in indoor and outdoor exhibits. It is held at the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences (IFAS) Gulf Coast Research & Education Center in Balm Florida. The Young Farmers & Ranchers set up a booth to encourage participation in Hillsborough County Farm Bureau.

Farm City Festival Volunteer leader work on events to share our story about the importance of Agriculture in Hillsborough County. It is held every year in November, in Tampa and is a great way to expel some of the myths about Florida Agriculture.

faitc2AG Literacy Day – The Florida Agriculture in the Classroom and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have set aside one day each school year (around March or April) for volunteers to go into schools and help teachers and students gain a better understanding of Florida agriculture. The Young Farmers and Ranchers read to several elementary school classes each year. Anyone can volunteer to read! For more information please visit:

Harvest for All Food Drive – This is a National Young Farmer & Rancher program, which encourages everyone to help feed the hungry by donating time, food and money to America’s Second Harvest, a charitable hunger relief organization. For more information please click here.

Hillsborough County Young Farmer & Rancher Scholarship Program – This is a new scholarship we are proud to bring to Hillsborough County Farm Bureau members thanks to the Women’s Committee – who raised funds through bake auctions at the Hillsborough County Annual Meetings.

There are several contests, hosted by Florida Farm Bureau Federation, which recognize outstanding members:

  1. Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award- acknowledges a farmer and family on their involvement in Farm Bureau and community, farming operations and leadership skills.  Click here for more information and to download the application
  2. Excellence in Agriculture Award – acknowledges someone who does not derive the majority of their income from agriculture, but actively contributes to agriculture and grows through their involvement in Farm Bureau and Agriculture. It is judged on involvement in agriculture, Farm Bureau, and other organizations.  Click here for more information and to download the application
  3. Discussion Meet – held at the Annual State Meeting in October, it is a panel type discussion in which contestants are judged on the ability to express ideas and opinions on the pressing issues in agriculture. Contestants attempt to influence others by posing and answering questions with the goal of reaching a solution to a stated problem facing agriculture.  Click here for more information including topics and to download the application
  4. Florida Young Farmer & Rancher Leadership Group – This is a dedicated group of individuals who have committed to a two-year program which offers educational, professional and leadership development. The primary objective of the program is to build a more effective organization, which will preserve our individual freedoms and expand our opportunities in agriculture. As a member of this elite group, there will be one individual or family from each county, which will represent the county and district at several events, including National YF&R Convention and Washington DC, Field to the Hill. This is available for active County Young Farmers & Ranchers between the ages of 18 and 35.

Anyone interested in joining this growing group can contact us at: